Time : 1–11pm & 5-11Pm
Contact :876-782-9990

Welcome to Negril and welcome to 3 Dives! Up on the west end of Negril, Jamaica (an area also known as “the cliffs”) is one of the secret gems of Jamaica – 3 Dives restaurant and bar.

Three Dives serves jerk chicken with a homemade granny sauce people insist on taking home, grilled lobster in season (with garlic butter, callaloo, rice and peas…yum), Jamaican fish dishes and seasonal specials. Vegetarians can enjoy a large plate of callaloo with rice and peas. (Callaloo, by the way, is a green leafy vegetable sort of like spinach but without the chalky bitter taste. It is usually sautéed with spices. Rice and “peas” is a traditional Jamaican dish – “peas” are like red beans.)