Affordable Jamaican Tours: Your Next Getaway

I think we can all agree that after the year we have had, we all deserve to go on a vacation somewhere warm, beautiful, and tropical, which is why Jamaica should be at the top of your list! Contrary to what you may have heard, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on vacation […]

10 places to visit in Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston is a growing metropolis surrounded by mountains in the north and coastline in the south. Like major cities, the surrounding area is in extreme socio-economic conditions and has a violent reputation in some areas, but Kingston is well worth a visit. While you’re there, you’ll find that sometimes the harsh environment is an important […]

Five unique caves in Jamaica.

Jamaica is known for its beaches and natural attractions all over the world. With Negril and Montego Bay, this Caribbean island nation is a great destination for beach enthusiasts and vacationers, especially those interested in all-inclusive resorts. Jamaica’s unique landscape stems from its volcanic nature, with large limestone plateaus covering almost 70% of the island. […]

What is the story behind Port Royal in Jamaica?

Port Royal is a town on the south coast of Jamaica. It was originally colonized by the Spaniards, but was attacked and captured in English in 1655. Port Royal was never the same after the 1692 earthquake, but today there is still a town there. Jamaica’s invasion of 1655 In 1655, England sent a fleet […]

The Green Grotto Caves in Jamaica is very interesting.

Green Cave Tour It was a leisurely ride about an hour east of Montego Bay. the road was parallel to the coast, the Caribbean Sea sparkled in the scorching sun, and the landscape was beautiful. Upon arrival, the cheerful smile of a friendly guide guided us. We paid a fee and they gave us a […]

The life of a fisher man in Rocky Point, Clarendon, Jamaica.

His eyes were sagging and he was encountering critical trouble adjusting on a moving bike. He was a genuinely enormous friend that was too little to even consider fitting his body. The wheels of the bike were obviously under tension. I approached a shrewd person who appeared to spend a work day morning on a […]

Dunn’s River Falls is a Jamaican Gem.

Jamaica is blessed with abundant water, including numerous Cascade Waterfalls where you can actually climb the waterfalls. The most famous is the Dan River Falls, near Ocho Rios on the north coast. The Dunn’s  River Waterfall is 1000 feet high and the rocks are stepped like stairs. The lagoons are scattered in the rocks. This […]

Popular Restaurants in Kingston , Jamaica.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And is there a better way to start a perfect day in Kingston, Jamaica than with a delicious breakfast at one of the many breakfast spots in the capital? In addition to traditional Jamaican breakfasts like Ackee and Saltfish, there are also many restaurants serving international […]

Four of the Best Places to eat Jerk chicken, Jamaica

Jerk chicken is the most famous Jamaican dish on the the island. The maroons developed a blend of herbs, spices, chili peppers and paprika leaves for cooking captured animals years ago. Today, jerk chicken is an integral part of Jamaican cuisine and is a delicacy enjoyed by people all over the world. Still, Jamaica has […]

Top restaurants in Falmouth Jamaica

Guide to the best restaurants in Falmouth As a port city, Falmouth can be expected to use some seriously creative seafood such as lobster stew and grilled salty fish. These are menus that use hot spices, along with classic Jamaican dishes like jerk chicken and curried goats. In addition, there are several international and fusion […]