Time :Monday – Thurday : 12–10pm & Friday : 12pm–12am & Saturday 12–11pm & Sunday : closed
Contact : 876-633-2439


​As the name suggests; Chewsdays Restaurant, Grill & Jerk offers a Three-In-One stop experience to all it’s customers. It is in fact three restaurants operating in one cohesive manner; a restaurant, a live grill and a jerk centre.

The Restaurant: The Restaurant opens daily at 10am and offers ready to serve meals. They offer a variety of traditional Jamaican dishes, customised Chewsday’s entree’s along with more popular international meals.

The Jerk Centre: Also offering ready to order meals; the Jerk Centre served Jamaican Jerked Chicken and pork seasoned and prepared in no ordinary manner. The flavour and taste of Chewsday’s Jerk is distinct and popular especially within portmore.

The Grill: Perhaps the most popular of the three-in-one operation; The Grill provides savoury and exquisite “done-to-order” meals such as pastas, wings, wraps burgers and seafood. Items are prepared in the sequence in which they are ordered right before the eyes of customers; which although takes delicate time and patience; is worth every second spent in anticipation.

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Managing Director – Jillian Thomas

Mrs. Thomas was appointed in 2012 as the Managing Director of Chewsdays Restaurant Grill & Jerk. She displays a spontaneous drive to enhance brand awareness and community involvement.

This has been consistently demonstrated through-out her success as a businesswoman from as early as age twenty-four; when she Founded and operated Chapeaux Hats.

Mrs. Thomas interacts hands on with her staff and customers and such involvement has caused her to be known even more intimately by customers and employees alike.

Her aim is to continaully grow the business and with her committment and forward thinking; it is but a matter of time. Her promise is that Chewsdays Restaurant will satisfy each customer by being Better, Fresher and Tastier than any other restaurant.