Time :8am–9pm
Contact : 876-617-5175

This three-floor restaurant is everything you need a dining establishment to be: a cozy eatery serving Jamaican and American food, a bar, and when the sun has long since set, it is a popular nightclub as well.Club Nazz Restaurant is a bar and grill that serves American and Jamaican dishes. When deciding how to dress for this restaurant, consider that the style of the food and service is very casual. This dining option is on the table during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so your family can enjoy this option at almost any meal.Positioned toward the eastern outskirts of Falmouth, It is at 23 Market Street.

Vacationers can merge their restaurant visit with some local sightseeing opportunities by visiting one of the area’s many nearby attractions, like Water Square.

Something else to see during your time in the area near this restaurant is Half Moon Beach, where tired travelers can recharge on the warm sand.