Jamaica is blessed with abundant water, including numerous Cascade Waterfalls where you can actually climb the waterfalls. The most famous is the Dan River Falls, near Ocho Rios on the north coast. The Dunn’s  River Waterfall is 1000 feet high and the rocks are stepped like stairs. The lagoons are scattered in the rocks. This fall is continuously reconstructed by the sediments of the travertine deposit, and geologists call it a living phenomenon for this reconstruction.

The River flows into the Caribbean Sea and is a really popular destination for visitors to Jamaica .

How to get there

Virtually all resorts offer tours to the Duns River Falls. The easiest and most common way is to go by bus.

Climbing the Falls

When you climb the waterfall, you will certainly be in a crowd of mountaineers. You are grouped together with other mountaineers and all groups get a guide. The guide tells everyone in the group to hold hands and climb together.

If you have them, bring aqua socks. Rental of these handy footwear items is available, but at home it costs about as much as a new pair. Alternatively, you can wear sturdy rubber sandals with a solid top and back section around the heel.

Even with the crowd, walking on the waterfall is a lot of fun. The guide will conveniently carry the camera and spend time on this stunning spectacle photography opportunity. If you want to bring your own, please bring a waterproof camera.

Many children climb the waterfall. The minimum age for a child climber is 7, but you should make this decision based on how certain your child is.

Other things at the waterfall

In addition to climbing the beautiful waterfalls of the Dunn’s River, you can watch the sunrise and enjoy the view towards the horizon while watching this amazingly unusual sunset, run on the beach or take a walk around the park. Plants near the waterfall include tropical plants such as bamboo, croton, fern, ginger lily, orchid, palm and breadfruit.

Eat at the waterfall

The park has a cafeteria that sells jerk chicken, pork and fish, and also serves Jamaican cuisine and snacks. Alternatively, you can have a picnic or cook your favorite on the grills scattered around the park.

Relax at The Falls

Dunn’s River Falls Park is a great place to relax and enjoy as visitors of all ages explore areas with new discoveries in each corner.  For a more relaxing experience, take a break at the on-site “massage parlor” and enjoy the effects of the water flowing down the sea. Sun lovers can relax on the beach and sunbathe on the golden sands surrounded by the aquamarine waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Other waterfalls in Jamaica

For a quieter waterfall experience, try YS Falls southwest, about an hour from Negril. YS Falls has seven waterfalls, surrounded by gardens and trees, for a spectacular experience