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Listing your ride or home for rental on and accepting guests as an extended member of your family throughout their staycation.

When booking is confirmed, payment is received through wire transfers, direct deposits or PayPal.

Vendors are persons who list their homes, tours, tour guide services , car transportation services and cars for rental through

An authentic Jamaican who accompanies you on your daily commute.

Customer care will be available from 8 am to 8 pm.

Strategically placed emergency personnel are available island wide.

Rental cars will be equipped with tracking devices.

A. An email will be sent to you for password activation

B. When you log in,scroll to the bottom of the menu and click on dashboard

C. Fill out required documents that applies to you

If you applied to be a business owner click the link below associated with your request and upload required documentation.

A.Business Owner

B. Events & Property Management

A. Register as a business owner.

B. Scroll down on menu to dashboard

C. Upload required documents

Your car will be delivered to your requested pick up spot.It will be added during booking.

The driver selected for the return will be dependent on the time of return requested.

The general pick up time is 8 am.

A roadie is a driver associated with TheStayCay.

A one day Tourist is a cruise ship visitor.

A partner is a business owner on Staycay.

1. become a partner

2. receive confirmation email

3. scroll to ‘dashboard’ when you’re logged in

4. fill out “required documents “

5. Select “new accommodation” and make listing

6. Add room types

7. Submit for review

8. Staycay will review and publish and send you an email confirmation

9. Click on main menu while logged in,scroll to accommodation and add ‘vacancies.’

10. Publish and get bookings

1. become a partner

2. receive confirmation email

3. scroll to ‘dashboard when you’re logged in

4. fill out “required documents”

5. Select “new tours”and make listing

6. Submit for review

7. Staycay will review and publish and send you an email confirmation.

8. Click on main menu while logged in,scroll to Tours and add ‘vacancies’.

9. Publish and get bookings.

It will appear under featured accommodation.

It will appear under pre-planned tours.

A half Day Tour is 4 hours inclusive of commute.

A full Day Tour is up to 8 hours inclusive of commute.

A charter is a two way trip in which the driver waits on the passenger for a maximum of 2 hours.

No, you can select return time and date when filling out booking form.

Select create my own tour from the menu and follow the steps.You will be prompted to add the different stops while filling out booking form.

Yes, always continue.For accommodation,Staycay uses a comparison search system to provide the best price and Staycation options.

No, all Staycay payments are taken online through our secure branded portals.

No, all Staycay payments are taken online through our secure branded portals.

No, all Staycay payments are taken online through our secure branded portals.

Contact us through our website chat,send an email to customer care or request a travel agent under our ‘Plan Your Trip’ menu.


The process begins by becoming a StayCay Partner @

After approval you will be sent via email two admin invite requests:

  • The first is for our square dashboard
  • And the the second is for our “chat” feature (

Signing up for these is a 2-minute process. Guaranteed!

Why is this easy process a guaranteed success?

StayCay generates hundreds of vacation package leads through our website and marketing campaigns .
This live data is then issued to travel agents who will close the deals using our 5-step method.


1. Pre-plan
Travel Agent creates a pre-made Itinerary from the data using our detailed standard template without adding any dollar amount.These can be found on the dashboard when logged in.

2.Direct Contact
Travel Agent then Initiates a conversation with the client via the email address provided directing them to our Website Chat ( where all conversations will take place.

3.Clear Communication
Client logs in to “chat” and request agent by Identification number. Admin will connect both parties to begin communication.

Document sharing, screen sharing, and video chat can all be done on our CHAT platform.

For guaranteed success, Agents are also allowed to use airlines or hotels outside of our StayCay website for these packages.

4.Quality Itinerary
When both parties have reached an agreement and the itinerary is finalized. The agent fills in the cost fields on the itinerary and creates an invoice from the itinerary total in their square dashboard.

5. Smooth Delivery
Through square the invoice will be sent directly via email as a link to the client who is able to pay immediately.

The final itinerary can be sent through the “chat” or converted to pdf and be attached with the square dashboard invoice.

1) 4 % commission on the direct purchase of a Ride Along (local tour guide) , Car Rental, Featured Accommodation Or Tours

2) 2 % Commission On Holiday Packages

3) 3 % commission on wedding packages
This can include flights , hotels , car rentals , transfers , venue and catering

Commissions on hotels and flights are only earned through vacation packages.

A combination of different Staycay products .Usually completed by our Online Travel Agents.

No! Market using your link , banner or landing pages and we do the rest.You will be notified when a customer visits using your url.

A landing commission is used to track Inquiry Activities for the vacation packages and destination wedding pages. The commissions earned will be added when the packages are finalized and purchased.

A travel agent’s commission is 5 % on all vacation packages.

Staycay is an affiliater to another company for hotels and flights. StayCay receives a 2.5 to 4 % commission for these bookings and gives 50 % of their earnings to a Travel Agent.

If the affiliater received the leads then he/she gets 2 % commission of the total of 10% which is Staycay’s standard fee. The balance is shared equally between Staycay and the travel agent.

Staycay’s standard commissions of 10% is shared equally between Staycay and the travel agent.

Yes. Staycay still takes 10% as commission for the overall total and share equally with Travel Agent.

NO. We are not responsible for any deals outside of our platform.All negotiations and planning take place through our portal.