An ideal destination for humans. Pack your bag and head to the dynamo on this little island, and don’t miss these unique experiences.

Swimming in the blue lagoon

Surrounded by its protected coves from the forest cliffs that surround it, the Blue Lagoon is a seemingly bottomless turquoise water pool. Supplied by several underground streams coming down from the mountains, the water is a refreshing mixture of warm tide waves and cold freshwater streams. If you are a diver, you can plumb a lagoon depth that reaches 55m at its deepest point.

Bob Marley Museum, Kingston

His gold and platinum record, his favorite shirt-Bob Marley’s wrinkled uptown house is crammed with souvenirs. The hammock he lay for inspiration from the distant mountains, and the room was full of bullet holes, where he and his wife almost lost their lives in an assassination attempt. The intimate environment and modest personal effects speak eloquently to Marley’s turbulent life.

Climb the Blue Mountain Peak

A night hike to Jamaica’s highest point by sunrise, your path illuminated by countless firefly sparks is a unique experience. Climbing Blue Mountain Peak makes the vegetation increasingly tropical until you hike in a dead tree covered with old man’s beard (moss) and giant ferns. In the pre-dawn cold of the summit, you are in a fierce silence as the first rays of the sun wash the tops of the densely forested mountains around you and illuminate them across distant coffee plantations.

Boston Bay

The best experience in Jamaica is a very sensual thing, but Boston Bay may be the only one that is clarified by smell rather than sight or sound. Well, aroma and taste: Boston Bay is considered the birthplace of spice friction, the most famous contribution to the cooking arts of Jerk and Jamaica. The turn-off to Boston Harbor, a beautiful beach in its own right, is lined with jerk stoles that create smoked meat that redefines what heat and sweetness can do as a complementary taste. In plain English: it tastes freakin great.

Black River Great Morass Crocodile Discovery

This is one of our favorite ways to explore wild Jamaica. Depart on a boat at Black River Great Morass, with white egrets flying overhead. Your tour guide may tell you about a local lady who sells a bag of spicy shrimp by the river and then points to a beautiful, grinning American crocodile cruising.

Play pirates at Port Royal

The sleepy Port Royal fishing village hints at the glory of the past, which created the pirate capital of the Caribbean and “the largest city on earth.” Stroll in the footsteps of pirate Sir Henry Morgan along the battle of Fort Charles, still lined with cannons to repel intruders. Tilt a little and become disorientated in the Gidi House Artillery Store. After the huge earthquake of 1692 sank two-thirds of the town under the waves, it’s a good idea to admire the treasures of the Sea Museum.