Drink-Out at Mardy’s Bar Average Price Range: $5 Dine-Out at Kim’s Place Menu Braised Goat Sandwich (our signature dish) Toasted Cocobread with Kim’s special sauce $5.00 Home-made Burgers Chicken, Fish, Veggie (side option: Fresh Cut Fries or Garden Salad) $5.00 Jerk Sausage $4.00 Hot Wings $6.00 Kibabs choices: Lobster, Jerk Sausage, Chicken $8.00 Jerk Chicken $7.00 Fried Chicken (side options: brown rice & peas, fresh cut fries, or garden salad) $6.00 Vegetarian Dishes customers choice $6.00 Fish any style (side options: garden salad) $3.00 Steamed Veggies $4.00 Fresh Cut Fries $3.00 Opening Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm Contact: 876-873-9148 Famous Story: The most famous tree in Treasure Beach can be used as a landmark to locate this food joint, as it sits comfortably at the front of the restaurant. Residents say this tree has been there for years. According to some, it is the soul of Treasure Beach and a lot of ancestors live inside the tree. They say people use to use it as shade on long journeys to and from the bays. The government wanted to expand the road ways in the area, so the plan was to dig up the tree. This would have killed the tree and despite residents protests about the importance of keeping this historic relic, bulldozers were brought in to remove the tree. It is said that thefirst bulldozer was not strong enough and failed in even budging the tree out of its rooted position, so they brough in a bulldozer with more horse power. The only success it had was to shift the tree slightly out of the dirt, the next thing they knew is engine of their most powerful bulldozer was demolished by the tree.