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Activities in Magotty, Jamaica

Things to Do

Breadnut Valley Falls

To many the name Breadnut Valley Falls may draw blank stares and question marks. But, to the well-versed locals, Breadnut Valley falls is one of the best kept local travel secrets in Jamaica. Rooted in Maggoty, St. Elizabeth; the beautiful Breadnut Valley Falls (often known to locals as Maggoty Falls) is an off the beaten path series of majestic cascade waterfalls and mesmerizing turquoise pools that emerge into a cool and refreshing river. This spectacular view transfixes not only the eyes but also the soul at first sight.

Dubbed the bread basket of Jamaica due to its highly fertile soil and high percentage of farming communities that is largely responsible for a good portion of the country’s food supply and agriculture industry; St. Elizabeth is more notably known for popular destinations and attractions such as YS Falls, the Black River Safari, the Appleton Jamaica Rum Tour and Floyd’s Pelican Bar. But nestled deep and unmarred in the lush evergreen of Breadnut Valley, Maggoty is the enchanting Breadnut Valley Falls.


Accompong Village Santa Cruz -St Elizabeth

Accompong Village is high in the Santa Cruz Mountains and although you can access the village on your own, local tour groups will take you there. The village was formed by Maroons, runaway slaves who fled Jamaican plantations. Descendants of these former slaves still reside in Accompong Village and welcome visitors to hear their history and experience their lifestyle, music and traditions. A celebration takes place each year on January 6 to mark the village’s victory over the British in 1738. Visitors are welcome at the celebration to feast, buy local crafts and hear of the village’s history


Apple Valley Park Maggotty -St Elizabeth

Owned by Patrick Lee and his lovely Chinese-Jamaican family, this is a little triumph of green sensibility and community tourism. The park grounds consist of an 18th-century home, a manicured lake, an artificial pool and further on, a forest reserve that stretches past the waterfalls and swimming holes of the Black River Gorge. You can kayak and paddleboat in the park itself or hike into the woods or fish. The park was closed at research time for refurbishment.