Time : 6am–1am
Contact : 876-704-7259

“Ask for the Curry Goat only when you are on a diet” Mr. Woody’s Restaurant. “D food a woody’s tun up cowfoot gravey sell off” Wendy’s culture is based on the common sense values our founder, Dave Thomas lived by. Dave taught that “Quality Is Our Recipe,” we never cut corners, and we always deliver on our promises.

Wendy’s team members work hard, with honesty, integrity and a true sense of respect for one another. We take the time to give back to the communities we serve, and are firm believers in “doing the right thing.”

That’s why you’ll find Wendy’s to be a place for everyday people just like you. Whether you’re five or seventy-five, you’ll feel welcomed and at home here.

We take pride in delivering the freshest, quality food, made to order and served hot. From sun up, until midnight, we’re here to serve you the REAL food you love with a smile that says, “Welcome to my Wendy’s.”