What kind of food is Jamaican food?

So, what do you mainly eat in Jamaica? In Jamaica, there are many dishes that basically use chicken, although it may not be in the image, spicy food is often eaten. For historical reasons, it can be said that various dishes mixed with dishes from overseas countries are eaten, such as a fusion of Spanish and Jamaican dishes, and a Jamaican-style British dish.

While there are many chicken dishes, it is also known that there are surprisingly many vegetarians. Yams and rice (long-grain rice, which is different from Japan) are often eaten as staple foods.

Blue Mountain Coffee, which is loved around the world, is made from coffee beans grown in Jamaica, so coffee is often drunk.

Speaking of Jamaican food, this is it! Popular jerk chicken!

The most popular Jamaican dish is “jerk chicken”, which everyone is convinced of. Chicken is often eaten in Jamaica, and this dish is a typical example. Jerk Chicken “jerk” is a sauce made from a mixture of spices and herbs such as cinnamon, pepper and capsicum.

Jerk chicken is a dish of chicken soaked in this spicy jerk sauce and roasted. As you can imagine, the taste is spicy , but it’s not just spicy, the spices are so delicious that you can’t stop eating!


Patty is Jamaica’s fast-food representative. It is a light meal baked in a half-moon shape with spicy seasoned ingredients sandwiched between pastry dough. The ingredients inside are ground beef, chicken, vegetables, etc., but the most popular is beef patty. When you’re hungry, it’s a good snack to eat, and you can find chain stores such as “Juice patties” all over Jamaica.


A stew made by boiling oxtail (cow tail) and beans with thyme and spices. The method of making is similar to brown stew chicken, but the richness that comes out of the oxtail is very delicious, so it is a must-try item

Jamaican Breakfast: ACKEE & SALTFISH

First of all, I would like to introduce Ackee & Saltfish, which is a traditional Jamaican breakfast and the Island’s national dish. Ackee is a red fruit that is said to have been brought from West Africa on a slave ship in the 18th century. However, it seems that only Jamaica eats Ackee. . Ackee & Saltfish is made by stir-frying this Ackee and salted cod with vegetables such as onions. The taste is like a stir-fried egg with rich flavor. The cod has a nice taste. Next to this Ackee & Saltfish, the Jamaican breakfast is Festival , Callaloo (vegetables like spinach), boiled green bananas , yam, dumpling (made from flour) and fried sweet plantains.


Coco bread is a staple of Jamaican bread. You can sandwich it with patties or  Ackee & Saltfish or eat it as it is. I liked eating freshly baked coco bread with cheddar cheese sandwiched between them. I think Coco Bread is sold at every bakery. Freshly baked is fluffy and definitely recommended!

How was it?

The dishes introduced this time are home-cooked and local foods, but of course you can also eat deliciously at nice fine dining restaurants and hotel restaurants. Jamaica is also rich in fruits, so be sure to try it. When you come back from your trip to Jamaica, you will definitely miss the local flavors! May it be a fun and memorable trip to Jamaica.