Exploring new territories is everybody’s perception of a vacation outside their city of residence but it is their responsibility to do it with care and safety. The StayCay Jamaica offers a unique opportunity to tour the “real Jamaica “ in its natural existence without any association with all inclusive resorts but if you choose to stay at an all inclusive resort we still offer the opportunity to take you on Daycations off-site.

To ensure we are maximizing safety standards and procedures while giving you the time of your life we provide personal certified tour guides who will ride along with you on your discoveries. Guides are locals who know their surrounding and are trained in safety measures to protect and serve our guests. Book a Staycay “Ride Along “ with confidence knowing that they were provided for your safety and guide to enjoy our island. Guides can be booked for different experiences and different time segments throughout the day making it flexible and affordable. You will be able to book a guide for any experience that you wish to have them for.

Experience Jamaica with An Authentic Jamaican! A certified Jamaican Friend! Enjoy your Staycation with a Jamaican as your “ride along”. Have a local be your personal tour guide for as long as you “staycay” on the Island.

Day Par Timing: 5:00 am – 7:00 pm
Night Par Timing: 7:00 pm – 5:00 am

Please select minimum Duration of 2 hours.
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