Time : Monday – Saturday : 7:30am–6pm & Sunday – Closed
Contact : 876-464-4517

TAN TAN Restaurant is the place for great food, excellent service, and affordable prices that will keep you coming back. So come by and give us a visit, we hope to see you soon!
TAN TAN® Restaurant was started in 1986 as a small family business. We have grown as our surrounding community has grown. Our continued success is due in large part to our family of hardworking employees, quality vendors, and loyal customers. Our goal is to share a part of our culture, one rich in flavor and tradition, with our community. We strive to serve our patrons authentic Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine. We are sincerely thankful for your patronage and wish all good health and good fortune. Our head chefs have over 50 years experience in the culinary art of true oriental cooking. With a support staff of over 10 dedicated individuals, they ensure that proper methods and techniques are employed in the preparation of a vast number of Chinese and Vietnamese dishes.