Green Cave Tour

It was a leisurely ride about an hour east of Montego Bay. the road was parallel to the coast, the Caribbean Sea sparkled in the scorching sun, and the landscape was beautiful. Upon arrival, the cheerful smile of a friendly guide guided us.

We paid a fee and they gave us a helmet to protect us from low structures, falling objects, flights, etc. A bit of regret crept in here, but I puffed up and moved on with my friends.

Our guide had a pretty good sense of humor and I was immediately relieved. The first stop in the cave was a large dimly lit opening, a still intact stage, and a stone picnic bench. Our guide has informed us that this time it was a bustling nightspot. I can’t imagine throwing a shot of Bob Marley and Pina Colada under the sleeping bats here and dripping calcium, but I thought it was a really cool place for a red party. Under the right influence, I could have been convinced that I would throw myself into a butterfly and reggae rhythm song.

We climbed 65 steps above 50 feet below the ground and entered the “Cave Belly”. Here you can find the calmest rivers that flow through the cave. It was as quiet as a rat, and I was confused to discover that it was actually moving water and not yet a lake. In fact, if you go deep enough, you can meet the sea and swim to the nearby Puerto Seco beach.

Cave Evolution

Our guide is very informative and told us the story of a Spanish soldier hidden here from English in the 16th century. A short time later, the slaves made this vast underground expanse their hiding place. I thought the cold air and clear water would make a good shelter until the guide reminded me that the cave was completely dark when the slaves made their way down the hall.

At this point, the guide turned off the lights and didn’t even realize that he had the glasses on his face. It was so dark that I was afraid to move my leg an inch and I was hearing something running with my leg. These caves are home to Jamaican snakes and they are not poisonous, but I was very suspicious of this fact.

I said a little prayer for my ancestors, who certainly had the strength of steel to navigate these dangerous, lightless caves. One misstep can easily fall into a hole of unknown depth. I was very relieved to be back in the bright and beautiful deck area and immediately ordered some nervous snacks and drinks.

The duration of the tour was only 45 minutes, and it was very engaging and exciting. I learned that it does not harm the entire underground tunnel network, as the oxygen becomes so thin that it becomes more dangerous as the discovery progresses. I may be in for a fuss, but my son had a lot of fun in the cave and laughed at me the whole time.