Tower Isle Nude Island

If you’re ever a guest at Couples Tower Isle Resort (you should be!), you’ll notice a small island in the sea.  That small island bears the same name as the town the resort is situated: Tower Isle. Between the hours of 8:30am and 5pm, guests from Tower Isle and the nearby San Souci Couples Resorts take quick […]

Dornoch’s Head

Dornoch’s Head is the source of the Rio Bueno river. This acts as the source of the Rio Bueno River. The spring water is said to come from a rock on the pool’s left side, and the river begins its descent to the sea on the pool’s right.


Nestled within a secluded mountain setting on the western part of Jamaica, Discovery Falls is situated in Silver Spring, 15 minutes outside of Negril. Palm trees and beautiful gardens line the lagoons. Natural springs nestled on the edge of the mountain with 1000ft zip line through the canopy.

Breadnut Valley Falls

To many the name Breadnut Valley Falls may draw blank stares and question marks. But, to the well-versed locals, Breadnut Valley falls is one of the best kept local travel secrets in Jamaica. Rooted in Maggoty, St. Elizabeth; the beautiful Breadnut Valley Falls (often known to locals as Maggoty Falls) is an off the beaten […]

Salt River

Ten minutes east of Lionel Town near the coast, has a public mineral spring that is a favorite cooling off spot among locals. Dances are held on weekends for what they call Early Sundays. It’s a great spot to soak up the local scene and eat some fried fish and festival. To get to Salt River, take […]

Gourie Forest Reserve & Cave

An unexpected bloom of pine trees, mahogany and mahoe grows atop the flinty heads of the Cockpits 3km northwest of Christiana, near Coleyville. This highland nature reserve is laced with picturesque hiking trails and has one of Jamaica’s longest cave systems. A former hideout for runaway slaves, it has magnificent columns, and narrow fissures and […]

Bloomfield Great House

Considered a quintessential Caribbean Greathouse, the Bloomfield Great House today is a popular spot among locals and tourist looking for a great view as well as a nice breakfast. Built around the 1850’s, the building reflects the glowingly separate Jamaican culture, and a prime location for people looking to see the evolution of Jamaica as […]

Little Ochie Seafood

On Alligator Pond ,The Little Ochie, a fish restaurant, is located in several huts on the beach, some made from the hulls of fishing boats with thatched roofs. It has expanded to seat several hundred and attracts a clientele from far and wide, including some tourist tours.

Alligator Hole

Located within the Canoe Valley National Nature Reserve, Alligator Hole is a small mangrove-lined river famous for the three beloved manatees who call it home. Once in captivity, the manatees were thankfully released into Alligator Hole where they continue to dwell. Although it is not guaranteed that you will encounter one of the manatees, they […]