Guide to the best restaurants in Falmouth

As a port city, Falmouth can be expected to use some seriously creative seafood such as lobster stew and grilled salty fish. These are menus that use hot spices, along with classic Jamaican dishes like jerk chicken and curried goats. In addition, there are several international and fusion restaurants.


Celebrity Class Service at Jimmy Buffett’s Margarita Building

Famous musician Jimmy Buffett has his own restaurant in Falmouth called Margaritaville. There, people gather from miles away and enjoy excellent Caribbean food and, of course, a cocktails made with good Jamaican rum.

The Leon’s Lobster Hut to the Limit Outdoors

To find the best lobster in Falmouth visit Leon Lobster. This small locally owned seafood restaurant is located on a palm fringed beach, perfect for postcards. Leon can cook a lobster with a piece of metal over direct fire and you can eat it with the sea at your feet.

Romantic evening at Glistening Waters

Glistening Waters, a warm and lively waterfront restaurant, serves up great Jamaican cuisine right off Falmouth the Dock. If you’re dining out, the harbor lights glow in the dark, so you can see why it’s called Glistening Waters. Also, stick around after dining for music and dance.

Eat like a local at the Peppers Jerk Center

Jerk chicken is a staple of every Jamaican party. Visit the Peppers Jerk Center for the highest quality jerk offered with the Pulled Pork and Curry Goat menus. This remarkable little bar and grill has a very authentic atmosphere and the staff is extremely welcoming.

Watch the world go by at Club Nazz & Restaurant

Excellent local cuisine and authentic Jamaican charm make Club Nazz a Falmouth favorite. Reasonable prices and a refreshing street vibe make it a hotspot for restaurant seekers and a perfect place to spend an evening.

A bite to eat at Juici Patties

Juici Patties is popular in Falmouth, famous for their wonderful homemade cakes. With a filling of fresh meat and vegetables, all the pastries that come out of Juici are carefully baked and served quickly and still in a sensual state. They offer the perfect sandwiches for lunch.

Beer in the shade of Spice Kitchen and Bar

A true Jamaican atmosphere is attached to every dish at Spice Kitchen. The menu includes a healthy list of classic Caribbean dishes, with two red stripes for just $ 5. Sit back and relax and grab something good.


Try it all at Healthy Eaters Vegetarian & Seafood Restaurant

As the name implies, this is a great place for all of your healthy products. You can find what you like here, including vegans, vegetarians, and pescatarians. There are excellent jerk tofu alternatives and excellent dishes made with exotic fruits and vegetables from the region. Try as much as you can.

Keep secrets at Keith’s Hideout Jerk Center

Little known, this hidden gem of a Jamaica vacation provides some great jerk food for a private cabana where patrons sit and enjoy a great snack. Plus, there are great cocktails for those lazy nights by the beach.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee at Tropical Bliss Oasis

A light lunch, a delicious beer, and a relaxing chat – that’s all about Tropical Bliss Oasis. Located in Falmouth Market Square, you can enjoy a light lunch of local snacks followed by a hot cup of Jamaica’s famous Blue Mountain Coffee.