Time :Monday,Tuesday : 11am–8pm & Wednesday – Friday : 12–8pm & Saturday, Sunday : 9am–10pm
Contact :876-458-6223

Waves Beach Restaurant & Bar is serving up delicious seafood, playing great music and having a great ole time – RIGHT NOW! Where are you? 😉
A breathtaking venue, this secluded property is located approximately six miles from the city centre of Portmore, and 0.5 kilometres (0.31 miles) from the Hellshire main road.

A popular destination for Jamaicans and tourists alike, Waves Beach is host to a multitude of major entertainment events, parties and family fun days throughout the year. In addition to the events and the general ambiance, many flock to the beach for food as much as the sea and sand as a plethora of seafood and other delectable refreshments are available onsite.