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As loving mother to four children, learning to be a good cook was not just a passion, but a necessity for Grace Mills. Having been involved in restaurants most of her life – two of them at prominent Jacksonville FL country clubs, she had many excellent mentors along the way. Grace passed that knowledge on to her sons and daughters – all of whom were cooking in their teens.

For her son, Woody, in particular – cooking came naturally. When he expressed a desire to open a BBQ restaurant, Grace didn’t hesitate to jump on board with him and co-founder, Yolanda. The three made quite a team, with Yolanda in the front of the house making guests feel welcome, Grace and Woody headed up the back of the house, churning out recipes that quickly became fan favorites like squash, cole slaw, onion rings and banana pudding – all created by Grace. One BBQ restaurant became two, then three, and then four before Grace left the kitchen for good – but not before leaving a lasting impression on the Woody’s Bar-B-Q brand. Grace is proud of the legacy she helped start with Yolanda and Woody, and particularly proud to see a third generation join the ranks.

Grace finds joy in the knowledge that countless friends and families gather together at Woody’s Bar-B-Q restaurants across the nation around recipes she penned nearly 40 years ago.